Welcome to the Mojo Network

Who are we?

IRCMojo network is a unique blend of modern technology and old school IRC practices. Here you will find relaxed common sense based rules and knowledgeable, non-abusive staff. We will not and can not force you to join, part change any of your information unlike other networks.

How we operate.

We have a unique setup bearing the users in mind at all times. All servers communicate securely over SSL links, we offer an SSL only channel mode so you can insure all your chatting is secure. Our opers are required to use SSL to login so all your information they access is secured. We cannot retrieve your passwords as they are encrypted. ChanServ optionally sits in your registered channel and we can also set a persistent channel mode to preserve your topics and modes so banned users stay banned even when the channel is empty.

Our promise.

Channel interference is strictly forbidden. Your channels belong to you and our staff cannot and will not interfere. Our Opers and Admins can be kick/banned just like any other user. Violations should be reported to any Admin Committee member on IRC.

How we grew.

IRCMojo was initially inherited, although the current servers and staff were brought over from another network called FlameIRC (now under new ownership) we decided that running two networks that had the same policies, same software and same staff wasn’t worth the extra resources. IRCMojo was opted as the favourite name out of the two and flameirc was substantially closed and mojo claiming it’s assets.

Where we plan to go in the future.

IRCMojo has achieved it’s goal from the day it was created and we are not here to compete for the number one slot but more for users to acknowledge us as a safe haven. We are growing slowly and at a pace which helps us and users as no server or resources are overloaded.